Partner Resources

Do you currently offer classroom training which could be delivered online if you had the right web-based tools?

Are you still training employees and customers in person?  Classroom space, time away from work, and training personnel are expensive--and less effective than well-designed online learning.   For more information about how we can help you save money and educate your workers and customers online, see Partner Resources.

Are you ready to reach a larger audience of healthcare professionals with your course materials?

HES is always looking for additional courses related to the healthcare field.  Our platform offers the full range of multi-media to transform your content--which you now deliver in person, via webinars, or your own website--into 21st century learning opportunities.  And when your content is ready to deploy we deliver the web-marketing resources you need to find and meet the education needs of medical providers, physician office staff, and others in the healthcare industry.

For more information about delivering your valuable know-how to the learning community of healthcare professionals and students, visit Partner Resources.

Group Sales

HES offers volume discounts to groups which need AHA courses or our ACLS and PALS certifications and recertifications.  Access Group Sales to learn more about about saving money to meet your online healthcare training needs.

HeartSafe Company Program

HeartSafe Company is a company-wide program that prepares individuals to save lives using CPR & AED skills, helping you create a safer and more prepared work environment for your associates.  Learn more about becoming a HeartSafe Company

HeartSafe Campus Program

HES has designed a program especially for colleges and universities who want to promote CPR skills for their students, faculty, and staff community.  Learn more about receiving the HeartSafe designation for your institution.