HES Online Education Platform for Employees and Customers

Are you still training employees and customers in person? Classroom space, time away from work, and in-person trainers are expensive, and studies show that well-designed on-line learning is as effective and more efficient than in person training. 

Save money and improve results by using HES to deliver and administer your courses, quizzes, and exams with customized multimedia online.  We offer end-to-end services on a web-based platform designed for you.  We can even help you develop your course materials--all without licensing software or implementing complicated tools.

Why rely on boring webinars--and we all know webinar attendees spend much of their time multi-tasking instead of paying attention!--when instead, you can craft your training in a multimedia environment with exams, pop quizzes, and downloadable study materials and reach students, remote employees, and others in locations you've never reached before.

With web-based training your employees and customers have 24/7 access to classes, exams, and materials.  And our Lincoln, Nebraska-based customer service team is ready to assist you at our toll-free number Monday-Fridays, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central time.

With HES you have an online learning center ideal for
  • New employee orientation
  • Site-specific OSHA-required training, such as universal precautions/bloodborne pathogens
  • Product training and how-tos for customers
  • Internal employee certifications and certificate programs

Call us at 866.511.4637 or send us an email at opportunity@healthedsolutions.com for more information.

HES Online Education Reaches More Healthcare Professionals

Do you have course content or simply raw know-how that could be designed as online education for healthcare professionals across the U.S.? 

HES has the technology and the marketing capabilties to sell and deploy your training to more customers.  Putting your know-how online in a sophisticated, easy-to-use online learning system is another way to raise your professional profile and influence in the changing world of healthcare, from clinical practice to the business of running a medical practice or institution.

If you are ready to take what you know and deliver it to more colleagues and customers, and want to work with the best, call us at 866.511.4637 or send us an email at opportunity@healthedsolutions.com for more information.