ACLS Practice Test vs. ACLS Quiz: Which One Should You Take?

Posted On: 12/7/2011 | By: Shannon Fern

Healthcare professionals studying for their ACLS certification exam have the option of taking a full-length practice test or a shorter practice quiz to see if they are prepared. But which one should you take? Here is some information to consider when deciding on the ACLS practice test vs. ACLS quiz debate.

ACLS Certification Practice Test

The ACLS practice test is a full-length, timed test that is modeled after the ACLS certification exam. Taking a practice test gives you a more accurate idea of what the actual exam will be like, down to the 90-minute time restriction. Immediately after taking the exam, you will be provided with the answers to the questions you got wrong, allowing you to identify the areas you need to study more before taking your exam. An ACLS practice test from Health Education Solutions will cost you $35, but a portion of the fee can be applied to the cost of an ACLS certification course. 

ACLS Certification Practice Quiz

The ACLS quiz is shorter than the practice test, offering three five-question sample tests to help you prepare for your exam. The quiz is helpful for getting an idea of what type of questions will be included in the ACLS certification exam. And like the ACLS practice test, the ACLS quiz provides you with the answers to the questions immediately following your completion of the quiz. While the ACLS practice test costs a small fee, the ACLS quiz is completely free.

ACLS Practice Test vs. ACLS Quiz: Thoroughness vs. Cost

When deciding between the ACLS practice test and the ACLS quiz, it is important to consider what you will get out of either product. The practice test provides a more accurate representation of what your ACLS certification exam will be like and is a more thorough study tool. However, if you simply want access to a few ACLS sample test questions in order to aid your studying process or as a refresher and you are looking to spend less money, the free quiz may be a better fit.

Sample Questions

Both the practice test and the free quiz will offer sample questions similar to those included in the actual ACLS exam. The two questions listed here are examples of the types of questions you might see on the exam.

You are considering the reversible causes of asystole for a patient. Which of the following statements about the patient suggests a possibly reversible cause?

  • The patient was being seen for an arthritic pain in both shoulders.
  • The patient has a history of colon cancer requiring surgery 10 years ago.
  • The patient was found in icy water.
  • The patient was started on an antibiotic a week ago for a respiratory infection.

A patient is unresponsive and in ventricular fibrillation, which has not responded to the initial defibrillation. IV access has not been obtained after 2 attempts. What is the next route of access for administration of drugs?

  • Femoral vein           
  • Intraosseous           
  • External jugular vein           
  • Endotracheal

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